3 Thanksgiving Collagen Rich Foods

The Holiday season is finally upon us, it’s that time of the year to be around our friend’s, loved ones,... and ample amounts of food and snacks!

However, did you know that our Holiday season and Winter foods are packed full of Collagen rich boosters? It makes a great excuse to consume more for your skincare regime 😉

Here’s our 3 favourite Collagen boosting foods straight from our Thanksgiving tables.


collagen rich thanksgiving food turkey

Believe it or not, our favourite Thanksgiving bird- Turkey is packed full of Amino Acids! 

Amino Acids are vital in the production of Collagen- if you’re not a fan of Turkey, you can opt for Chicken which has all the Amino Acids required.

Get an extra boost by making bone broth from your Turkey or Chicken leftovers - these broths are a well known and popular source of Collagen.

Check out this fabulous Chicken Broth recipe to help stimulate your Collagen cycle.

 seafood amino acids for collagen

Not into Meats or Poultry? Seafood is also a great source for giving your Collagen a big kick.

Fish itself is bursting with rich Amino acids and can be a great replacement if you opt out of having Poultry, additionally Fish skin also has a high concentration of Type 1 Collagen which accounts for the majority of Collagen in your skin.

Shellfish like Oysters are a great addition to your seafood consumption as they are highly rich in Copper which is another mineral that aids in the production of natural Collagen.


Collagen Recipe Vitamin C Booster

You should really think about having that extra serving of Collards or Spinach this Thanksgiving, apart from their rich source of nutrients and Vitamin C- these Leafy Greens are packed with Chlorophyll, a necessary source of plant pigmentation which may increase the amount of ‘pro-collagen’.

If you’re not into your leafy veggies, Citrus fruits are a great optional source for Vitamin C.

In our Collagen production, Vitamin C plays a key role as this vitamin has the job of linking our Amino Acids during our Collagen cycle. Keep this in mind when you are about to make your next batch of Mulled Wine 😉

Need some Mulled Wine concoction inspiration for boosting your Vitamin C intake? Here's one of our favourite Mulled Wine recipes!


Vitamin C boosting Serum


Give your Collagen a boost from the Outside

Looking to add a kick to your Collagen cycle? Our Vitamin C serum will help Detoxify, brighten and illuminate your skin, it has been designed to leave skin looking youthful and refreshed. Just one drop will bring brightness and a glow to your skin. Try out our vitamin C serum Here.

We hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, stay well and healthy and keep your glow on!


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