Are Oia Eye Patches the New Injectable Skincare for Under Eye Wrinkles?

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Under-eye wrinkles are probably the most common, most annoying signs of aging. Surely everyone, us included, would check for the tiniest fine lines around the eyes on a daily basis, for fear that we might have

aged overnight.

Because the skin around the eyes is so thin and fragile, even little inconveniences such as an all-nighter could leave dark circles around the eyes. Even though aging is the primary cause for under-eye wrinkles, dehydration, sun exposure, lack of sleep and even too much laughter could lead to crow’s feet, eye bags, under-eye wrinkles, and sunken eyes.

When it comes to the best under eye treatment, there is no definitive answer. Instead of jumping to conclusions (or cosmetic procedures), we must identify the causes first then apply the right treatments.

However, more and more alternative eye wrinkle treatments have emerged into the market as fierce competition to traditional cosmetic surgeries.

Injectables and fillers are no longer the only options to treat under eye wrinkles, and we are about to break down the pros and cons of a few different types of under-eye wrinkle treatments so you can have a better idea of what to do next. 

Common Under Eye Wrinkle Treatments

Most under eye wrinkle treatments involve surgeries, but some are not as invasive as others. While holistic skincare is grabbing more and more attention from the public, home remedies for eye wrinkles have generated some following too. Undoubtedly that surgical options promise fast, effective results whereas natural treatments tend to deliver a slow and sometimes not so optimistic outcome.

Common Home Remedies

Facial exercises or facial yoga have been praised for their efficacy in reducing wrinkle appearance. It is true to an extent as we can train our facial skin and muscles to be stronger, thus making the skin less susceptible to wrinkle formation.

Exfoliation is also a great way to prevent and treat under eye wrinkles. Exfoliating your skin at home with a BHA or AHA product equals to a gentle acid peel. By exfoliating your skin regularly, you are getting rid of all the dead skin cells, boosting cell regeneration, and as a result, revealing the fresher, newer layer of skin to minimize the impact of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is important to include over the counter eye creams in your skincare routine, or, make sure you have been using the best ingredients to tackle those eye wrinkles and fine lines. Eye cream should be able to deeply nourish under-eye skin while providing the necessary nutrients to battle signs of aging. Vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides…these are all great for under eye wrinkles and you can find a great blend of most of these powerful ingredients in Oia’s Vitamin C serum.

Because the skin is the largest organ in our body and we want to glow from the inside out, a healthy diet is absolutely crucial. Add these 10 superfoods into your diet to detoxify your body, boost metabolism, neutralize free radicals for a better skin complexion. Avoid sugar, processed junk foods, alcohol while upping your water intake, and you will definitely see a big difference in the long run.

There are many other lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the appearance of under-eye wrinkles.

You can quit smoking, sleep at least 8 hours a day, stay away from stress triggers, and practice mindfulness exercises. Though the progress will be slow, these little things can benefit your overall health immensely, and your body and skin will thank you in the future.

Common Cosmetic Treatments 

Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that fills in the hollowness around the eyes, whereas injectables could be a toxin that is used to paralyze the muscles around the eyes in order to achieve a wrinkle-free appearance.

Lasers have become incredibly popular among wrinkle treatment seekers, and they are often deemed less invasive compared to fillers and injectables. Lasers work by stamping tiny holes into the skin to stimulate blood flow, increase collagen production which results in a more radiant, smoother look.

Another cosmetic procedure for under eye wrinkles is microneedling. Microneedling essentially creates small tears and injuries on the skin to boost collagen production, which will reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture. 

Pros & Cons of Injectables 

“Most of these [injectables] are immediate gratification treatments,” says Dr. Inessa Fishman, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Atlanta. “The benefits of injectable therapy include a less worried or tired appearance, smoother-looking skin, and improved confidence for most patients.”

Since injectables and fillers are often celebrities’ go-to wrinkle treatments and judging from their flawless red carpet skin, injectables must be worth it. If your wrinkles are rather persistent, injectables are the obvious first choice, even your dermatologist would recommend so. As effective as injectables appear to be, they do come with negative consequences.

Pros of Injectables for Under Eye Wrinkles:

1. Fast

2. Instant, visible results

3. Long-lasting results

The reason why people go for injectables is because how fast it can deliver the desired result. Either fillers or toxins can instantly smooth out the wrinkle appearance after the procedures, providing a renewed, radiant, and lifted look to the eye skin. All these procedures are of course backed by science and have been proven relatively safe to undergo over the years.

Cons of Injectables for Under Eye Wrinkles:

1. High cost

2. Side effects include numbness, pain, and allergy reaction

3. The results are only temporary

Benefits of Oia Eye Patches 

Because injectables are not everyone’s cup of tea, here at Oia, our doctors and scientists have been experimenting and testing different products to find the ones that would truly benefit and nourish the skin. Our extensive eye patch line represents our mission in skin solution – to maintain a youthful skin appearance with a perfect balance of natural ingredients and technology advancements.

Oia’s hydrogel day and night patches relax, prevent, and minimize the appearance of under-eye wrinkles with plenty of antioxidants, nutrients, and superfoods. Oia’s anti-wrinkle silicone patches utilize the proven benefits of silicone in skincare to combat wrinkle formation and diminish fine lines. We have recently surveyed our loyal users and over 95% expressed their desire to replace injectables with Oia eye patches. Why? We have some pretty solid reasons:

They are non-invasive and mostly natural 

Non-invasive wrinkle treatments are now preferred by many people as well as skincare made of all-natural ingredients.

Thanks to the rising popularity of holistic skincare.

Barbara Close, an herbalist, and the founder of Naturopathica has been practicing a holistic approach to skincare for years. According to her, many “natural ingredients” such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A are in fact synthesized in order to stay stable, but they are just the same as the naturally occurred antioxidants.

“In response, our approach isn’t based on avoiding all synthetic ingredients ― it’s based on avoiding the allergens and irritants in skincare that do more harm than good,” says Barbara Close.

Oia’s hydrogel day and night patches are made of an abundance of antioxidants and natural ingredients – from red seaweed extract to snail secretion. While Oia’s Anti-Wrinkle patches contain premium silicone.

They are packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients 

To make non-invasive treatments effective, choosing the right ingredients for your skin concern is important. When it comes to formulation, we combine the top anti-aging ingredients that would work well together to combat aging skin concerns.

Oia’s Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Patches for day use are packed with antioxidants to protect skin cells and strengthen skin barrier during the day, while Oia’s Restoring Hydrogel Eye Patches for night use contain seaweed extract, zinc, collagen, and ceramide which are perfect for replenishing eye skin after a long exhausting day. 

They are affordable, easy to apply, and long-lasting  

Even if you receive injectables on a regular basis, your skin still needs to be taken care of daily. Prevention is the key to any anti-aging skincare. Especially since under eye wrinkles form easily, proper care for eye skin is crucial.

Comparing to injectables, Oia’s eye patches are much more affordable. Our silicone Anti-Wrinkle Patches can be re-used for up to 15 times! All of our eye patches are designed to perfectly mold in any face shape so they can stay on comfortably as you engage in other activities.

With great relaxation, simple application steps, many even describe their experience with Oia as a spa treatment at home!

How to Choose the Right Under Eye Treatments 

Still, dangling between the options for under eye wrinkle treatments? Ask yourself the following questions: 

How bad are the wrinkles? 

Sometimes you might be a little dramatic when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. No one can escape the fate of aging, though some of us might suffer from premature aging due to genetics and some other outside factor, a few wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the end of the world.

Under-eye wrinkles can be a type of dynamic wrinkles that are formed due to repeated skin and muscle contractions. If under-eye wrinkles are still in their early stage, prevention and consistent daily care will be better than injectables. 

Is there anything directly responsible for the wrinkles? 

Some eye wrinkles are results from dehydration, sun exposure, or bad lifestyle choices, you can easily reduce the appearance by adopting corresponding treatments. Apply an ample amount of sunscreen daily if you are in the field most of the day to reduce UV radiation that breaks down the collagen in the skin; if the skin is dehydrated, search for a nourishing, hydrating moisturizer that works the best for your skin type; as for bad lifestyle habits, the answer is simply quitting them. 

Have you tried any non-invasive remedies? 

Give non-invasive treatments or other home remedies a chance first, they are relatively slow in progress and weaker in result, but they are gentle on the skin without any side effects.

Practicing facial yoga daily can strengthen facial muscles to prevent more wrinkle formation, applying eye masks or DIY facial masks can reduce wrinkles with the high concentration of skin-benefiting ingredients, facial massaging including Gua Sha can boost blood flow and stimulate collagen production thus minimizing under eye wrinkles.

Do you have any underlying medical conditions? 

If you fear that your skin can no longer bounce back from the deep eye wrinkles appearing around the sockets, and you long for a smooth, youthful appearance, by all means, book an appointment with a reputable surgeon!

Make sure you consult your doctor first before any surgery as some health conditions will not sit well with the injectables of your choice.

Consult your GP, your dermatologist, and evaluate your own medical history first, and in the meanwhile, keep up with the non-invasive treatments to keep those under eye wrinkles at bay! 

Our Thoughts 

There are many ways to prevent and treat under eye wrinkles, from cosmetic surgeries, facial exercises to over the counter eye creams. Each treatment comes with its own perks and disadvantages, and the key is to find the one that works the best for you.

While injectables are widely popularly and generally considered safe these days, they are not without cons.

Besides the high cost from repeated treatments that only celebrities and few people could afford, some people could suffer from various negative side effects as consequences of frequent injections.

Certain injectables are essentially pumping toxins into the skin to achieve a wrinkle-free appearance, in another word, poisoning the skin and the muscle groups underneath.

Pursuing natural skin solutions backed by science and technology while finding the best answer to skin aging has always been engraved in Oia’s skincare belief since day one. We don’t believe in skin rejuvenation overnight, but a perfect skin routine accompanied by a great lifestyle, a healthy diet, and most importantly, a positive mindset.

With more and more people discovering Oia’s non-invasive skin solutions, agreeing with our methodology, and praising the products to be alternatives to injectables, we would like to invite you to join the movement where injectable skincare could really be a thing of the past!

Stay radiant,

Oia Skin Team

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