Worth Its Weight In Gold

The Beauty Secrets That Are Penetrating the Dead Surface Of the Beauty Community 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but is what you're holding really helping? That cucumber mist may be refreshing, but how much can it really halt the hands of time? 

Beauty has always been touted as just 'being skin deep,' but when the product merely lines the surface, what's the point? 

Much like a bad date, relying on a surface connection can only end awfully. Penetrating the surface is the best way to see results. 

But, where to start? 

Tonner? Hard scrubs? Bulky Creams? Surgery? 

But the answer is much simpler than that. The answer merely lies within your own skin… and nature… and science… and Oia.

Biology 101 

Unlike high school biology, we're not going to be dissecting a frog, but rather yourself. Your body naturally produces something called hyaluronic acid. Now, remember that word, it will be on the test later. Hyaluronic acid produces naturally in your skin and can hold up to 100 times its weight in water. All this hydration equals a very refreshed skin and overall brighter complexion.

 However, over time, with age, the natural production can slow down, and the dryness causes wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and more visibly dark circles. To put it simply, it's what the heavy, floral-scented creams 'promise.' 

Oia patches were designed with a ton of hyaluronic acid to pack to the biggest punch in the tiniest of packages. Armed and ready to  help replenish dead skin cells and recharge the moisture lost throughout the hot summer day. 

All That Glitters 

Surprisingly, another ingredient is fit for a king... or rather a queen. 


For centuries, gold has been used to represent wealth and affluence. But did you know that in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra herself used it as a beauty regimen. Who are we to argue with the queen of Egypt

Beauty products that have infused gold are naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. This is especially helpful as the flowers come to full bloom, pollen is in the air, and allergies are as rampant as the days are hot. Oia’s sleek gold look breaks through the surface as it can also help with redness and rejuvenates the skin by increasing blood circulation. The gold in the Oia patches can activate the basal cell, which will help improve your skin’s overall elasticity. It'’ll be even easier to stay golden

Science and beauty have combined forced to bring you via Oia™ Rejuvenating Day Eye Gel Patch

But, hey, don't take our word for it, our very own staff writer Jenny Lee took it out for a test spin.

"I’m not a big ‘skincare’ person, especially when it comes to under my eyes. I am genetically predisposed to naturally darker under-eye circles. So, I was hesitant, especially since the majority of reviews I have read for under-eye patches contain the same complaints; too thin, rip easily and slip off once you finally get them on. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that they were rather firm and stuck onto my face rather well. So well, in fact, I could go about my day!"

Week 1

“Woah, I noticed instant results as soon as I took off the patches. These fit like a dream, and my wrinkles have smoothed out considerably after one use! It also brightened up my darkened under-eye area. I cannot wait to see what happens next!”

Week 2

“Pro-tip! Pop these in the freezer thirty minutes before use for a much cooler effect. The chilled patches, combined with the already rich formula will help ease the skin! I completely didn’t notice that my this product also contained vitamin B-3, which is what is helping get rid of my puffiness and redness from my allergies.  I have also noticed my skin is getting much more supple and more of a consistent smooth look!”

Week 3

“My under-eye bags have never looked this light before, these patches are also auto-tone correcting my skin, I was not expecting that. I have been getting compliments left and right about what my secret is. The boost I get from seeing my fresh faced glowing skin truly is making the world of difference.

Week 4

“I am far more relaxed now than I have been for a while. It’s nice to know I can do the laundry, talk on the phone or watch TV and have my skin being taken care of by the patches. I have noticed a considerable chase in myself both inside and out and I have Oia to thank for that!”


If you are still looking for reasons to try our Gold Eye Patch, check out these videos!