5 Reasons Oia Quiz
5 Reasons Oia Quiz


Trouble-Free Addition To Any Skin Care Routine

Oia patches are an effortless and painless anti-aging solution that can be used without any worry. Smooth and solve wrinkle zones without the hassle of complicated procedure. Follow these easy steps for a flawless patch session:

  • Step 1: Cleanse & dry your skin before applying the patches. Make sure any other skin products are fully absorbed.
  • Step 2: Gently remove the film & place the patch where you wish. Use the patch for at least a couple of hours to see the full benefits.
  • Step 3: After use, simply rinse with cold water and allow the patches to dry. Place the patches back on the sheet provided and reuse up to 15 times!


A Cruelty-Free, Environmentally Friendly Option!

At Oia, we promote ethical and cruelty-free practices, hence we do not test our products on animals. Another great benefit of using our patches is that they are completely recyclable! After 15 uses, we ask all of our consumers to recycle their patches accordingly!


An Anti-Aging Solution Available For Anyone

Oia patches are so safe that women of all shapes, sizes, skin types, ages (you get the point) can rest assured when using our product. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Oia patches are completely non-invasive, so don't hesitate to try them ASAP!


Anti-Wrinkle Patches 2.0 | All-in-one


Anti-Wrinkle Patches 2.0 | Facelift


Anti-Wrinkle Patches 2.0 | Neck & Chest


Oia Skincare focuses on providing effective, non-invasive and sustainable anti-aging solutions to people of all shapes, colors and ages.

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