The Best Crow’s Feet Treatments & Prevention Tips 

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Have you ever noticed that when you smile, the skin on the outer edge of your eyes crinkles? A little bit of crinkling is no concern at all, some people might even find it attractive. However, when those fine lines start to look more pronounced than any other expression lines, you might have crow’s feet. As a type of eye wrinkles, or just like any dynamic wrinkles, crow’s feet are inevitable and will develop over time because we will never stop smiling or laughing. Eyes are the window to the soul, the appearance of your eyes are often the first thing others notice about you, and sometimes your eyes speak more than you do. Eye wrinkles like crow’s feet will spoil your true age and affect your appearance. We all know that you must hold a very positive attitude towards life to have those little lines dotted around your eyes. But if you ever want to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and for all the happy souls out there who are yet to develop any wrinkles, we have some super simple, easy to follow care tips to get rid of crow’s feet and prevent them from happening.


What Are Crow’s Feet 

Appearance-wise, crow’s feet are eye wrinkles developing at the outer corner of the eyes. They gained the notorious name from resembling of the feet of a crow. "We develop crow's feet due to the loss of collagen and elastic tissue within our skin. This happens naturally, with aging. Free radical formation from the sun and pollution can worsen the effects. We also see these beneath the eyes as a result of excessive smiling, and muscle contraction," explained NYC-based dermatologist Joyce Davis. "As we age, the lines get deeper and longer." Dr. Davis further adds that while crow’s feet are a type of wrinkles, they are wider, deeper, and more stubborn than normal wrinkles and fine lines. If you are determined to get rid of crow’s feet completely, you might have a mission cut out for you.


Woman's eye with crow's feet and under-eye wrinkles


Causes of Crow’s Feet

Our skin ages as we age. Aging skin slowly loses its ability to produce more collagen, which leads to loss of skin elasticity, weakened skin barrier, and fragile skin. As a result, hyperpigmentations, wrinkles, and fine lines begin to appear all over our body.  We often pay more attention to facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet because our faces are our identities and they are always exposed. Besides, the skin around the eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of the face, with much fewer oil glands, thus making it much more susceptible to signs of aging. Rubbing, pulling, and even touching the skin around your eyes frequently could lead to eye wrinkles. As for crow’s feet, you first need to identify if they are dynamic wrinkles – wrinkles caused by frequent muscle contractions such as facial expressions, or static wrinkles – wrinkles formed due to skin damages associated with environmental factors or health issues. Crow’s feet birthed by too much happiness, lots of great times, and laughter are hard to prevent; but if they are the by-products of causes such as UV radiation, pollution, or heavy drinking, then some lifestyle changes would make a big difference. 


4 Most Effective Crow’s Feet Treatments

Switch Up Your Topical Cream Game

From now on, niacinamide, retinol, and vitamin C are your three new best friends. Do not fall into the marketing traps of anti-aging miracle creams or instant facelift serums because they claim so, read into the ingredient list and find the ones that are actually benefiting your skin concerns. For crow’s feet treatment specifically, niacinamide (vitamin B) helps tighten the skin, retinol increase the collagen production while vitamin C protects the skin from environmental toxins. Other ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acids can also assist in hydrating and plumping up the skin.


Book an Acupuncture Appointment 

For people who want to get rid of crow’s feet fast yet in a safe way, acupuncture might be the answer. The ancient medical practice has curtained gained a lot more attention nowadays, as it has been proven to be just as effective as injectable skincare when it comes to combating wrinkles and fine lines. As a crow’s feet treatment, acupuncturists would insert many painless needles into your facial pressure points to boost the blood flow while releasing muscle tension. Some people even claimed the end result is similar to a successful facelift. Rebekah Christensen, a certified acupuncturist from California, notes that "facial acupuncture is almost as effective [as injectables] with deeper wrinkles, without paralyzing the muscles.”


Try Use Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patches Frequently

Another way to get rid of crow’s feet naturally and safely is by using anti-wrinkle patches. Face masks and eye patches are designed specifically for the skin concerns in certain areas, which make them great at-home treatments. Oia’s Anti-Wrinkle Patches for Eyes & Smile are the best crow’s feet treatments. With premium silicone, the patches provide a breathable yet occlusive environment for skin to hydrate, rest, and heal, plumping the skin and smoothing out crow’s feet and other wrinkles. Many users have seen drastically reduced eye wrinkles over a long period of use, and theses pads are reusable too!



Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches for Eyes and Smile, perfect for treating crow's feet


Seek Professional Cosmetic Treatments

When all treatments fall through and you are eager to restore the youthful skin appearance in no time, you can always seek help from cosmetic surgeons. Botox, fillers, micro-needling, and laser are the major crow’s feet treatments and they do provide faster and more optimal results. However, on top of the high costs and temporary results, all of these options come with a side of risks - from low-level pain and numbing to paralyzed muscle and allergic reaction. We have laid out all the options here and the choice is yours.


3 Things to Do to Prevent Crow’s Feet

Massage Your Eyes

Ildi Pekar, an NYC-based aesthetician recommends eye massage as a preventative method for crow’s feet. We use our eyes throughout the day since the moment we wake up in the morning, and both our eyes and the skin around the eyes are very delicate. "This is the area you wrinkle so quickly because [it] has the most active muscles," says Pekar. "So you need to relax those muscles every night." Practice eye massage or eye yoga help to release muscle tension, increase blood flow, with a possibility to trigger more collagen production and strengthen your skin. Massaging your eyes is also a good crow’s feet treatment as it only takes a few minutes a day with many long term benefits for the health of your skin and eyes.


Never Skip Sunscreen, Bring the Shade 

Sun exposure aka UV radiation is responsible for up to 80% of signs of aging as well as a numerous amount of skin conditions. UV radiation dehydrates the skin, causes scalping, wrinkling, impaired pigmentation, and cancer risks. The best way to prevent the major aging trigger is to apply sunscreen diligently, every day, wherever you go. Since the skin around the eye is extra delicate, to prevent crow’s feet or any other eye wrinkles from forming, wear sunglasses when you are out in the sun and even a sun hat as double protection.


Relax and Reset with Hydrogel Eye Patches

What’s more relaxing than putting on some cooling gel eye patches after a long, exhausting day? What’s even better is that those patches are packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acids, and other superfood ingredients to deeply hydrate, nourish your skin so it can recuperate better and faster. Oia’s hydrogel day and night patches are designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with instant results. These powerful hydrogel patches can effectively prevent the formation of crow’s feet by deeply hydrating eye skin and feeding the skin all the nutrients. With all the skin-benefiting ingredients, they are also great crow’s feet treatments if used on a long-term basis.


Oia Hydrogel Eye Patches to brighten the under-eye area and remove wrinkles and fine lines. Treatment for crow's feet


In Conclusion

Getting eye wrinkles is a rite of passage for everyone. Crow’s feet are nothing to be scared about, if anything, they are a good indicator of how much you have smiled and laughed throughout your life so far. Pay some extra attention to your eye skin because it’s the most fragile skin on the human body, follow our recommended crow’s feet treatments, incorporate our preventive tips into your daily routine, you will be on the right track to smile and laugh as freely as you want. Check out our comprehensive eye patch collection, our doctors have curated the best products targeting stubborn eye skin issues such as crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, dark circles, and other signs of aging. Feel free to reach out if you have more skincare issues or concerns, we are here to guide and help you progress further and further on the journey to your perfect skin.