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Crow’s feet, chicken skin, turkey neck… human skin tends to run into a lot of trouble when it comes to these innocent birds.

One of turkey’s signature body traits is the lumpy, droopy red skin bunched up around its neck, and that’s the O.G turkey neck.

Generally, we probably wouldn’t make any image association between a person and a turkey. But, wait a second, the skin under your chin seems to be a lot looser these days, where did all that neck wrinkles and saggy skin come from?

Unfortunately, you are likely looking at a turkey neck situation. 


Turkey neck is probably one of the least glamorous terms used to describe an aging neck.

Characterized by the saggy skin that droops down from the under-chin area, along with general neck wrinkles and other fine lines, turkey neck is a major sign of aging as well as a big obstruction to our beauty standard.

On a positive note, turkey neck happens to the best of us as it is one unfortunate outcome of skin aging. The good news is that there are many turkey neck treatments available out there, natural or surgical, it’s all up to you. 


Mature old woman with saggy neck, flappy neck, excess skin turkey neck


What is Turkey Neck  

Skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin deteriorates over time, consequently, skin and muscles are unable to stretch back as fast as they could.

Unlike generic neck wrinkles, turkey neck summarizes the aging neck as a whole.

Turkey neck manifests when the skin under the chin and around the neck becomes loose and saggy. When that happens, neck skin will look a lot like a wrinkled wattle seen on a turkey’s throat, hence the name.


Causes of Turkey Neck 

Just like all the skin aging issues, turkey neck is the consequence of both external triggers and internal factors.

Blame it on the sun damages accumulated since the day we were born, blame it on the toxins and pollutions that we fight constantly but see no end, blame it on the gravity that weighs us down and eventually sags our skin against our own will…there is only so much we can do to protect our skin but the hazards are everywhere.

Our decollete skin is also naturally thinner and much more delicate, frequent muscle contractions and skin compression can easily lead to neck wrinkles. Another possible cause of turkey neck is drastic weight loss.

Some people have more fat distributed in their neck area due to genetics, and with reduced fat content, neck skin becomes loose. Bad posture can also contribute to turkey neck, next time when you plan on spending a whole day in bed staring at your laptop with your neck skin all bunched up, think again.  


5 Best Turkey Neck Treatments

Apply “Firming Ingredients”  

Topical creams and serums containing skin firming ingredients are the best non-invasive treatments for turkey neck and neck wrinkles.

Making a habit out of following your skincare routine diligently can really make a difference.

Choose your skincare products carefully, make sure you include a variety of antioxidants such as retinol (Vitamin A), Q10, and Vitamin C for sun damages and wrinkles; and to top everything off with some peptides to give your skin’s collagen production department an extra boost. Oia’s vitamin C serum 

is an antioxidant powerhouse with 10% of vitamin C and the addition of retinol to assist skin’s collagen production thus minimizing the appearance of neck wrinkles, while the presence of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid hydrate and strengthen the barrier of the skin. 


Mature women applies skincare product to neck. Anti aging treatment


Daily Facial and Neck Exercises 

Some may argue that prevention matters the most when it comes to turkey neck, and exercises grant bare-minimum anti-aging effects. Exercising your face and neck daily can strengthen the muscle groups underneath to achieve a skin-toning and skin-firming result. 

A study has also shown that these exercises can reduce the appearance of scars due to increased blood flow. Baby bird pose - press the tongue to the roof of the mouth while smile and swallow with the chin pointing at the ceiling, and the classic cow face pose are two yoga poses that can prevent your chin and neck from sagging.

Furthermore, the action of chewing, kissing, and lifting your neck using purely neck muscles can help with the prevention of neck wrinkles and turkey neck. 


Add Anti-Wrinkle Patches into Your Daily Routine

Patches and masks are great for targeting specific skin concerns. In the case of turkey neck, Oia’s silicone anti-wrinkle patches for neck and chest are at your service.

Easily dubbed the best non-invasive wrinkle treatment, these silicone anti-wrinkle patches provide an environment to strengthen your skin and muscles overnight and smooth out neck wrinkles gradually over time. Silicone has been used as a barrier-building agent in skincare for decades, presenting the effect of healing and revitalizing skin with its occlusive nature.

As a strong contender in the running for the best turkey neck treatment, Oia’s silicone anti-wrinkle patches are also reusable, which immediately wins the cost-efficient factor. 


Eat Your Turkey Neck Away  

The holistic skincare approach often calls for natural treatments, or lifestyle changes to improve any skin condition.

Although genetics play a big part in our skin type, a glowing, youthful, healthy skin is not made from bad diets. “There are a lot of people who are looking for an alternative [to surgery] that fits into their lifestyle.

They’re already shopping at Whole Foods or other local organic markets, and they’re looking at healthy nutrition and supplements to incorporate into their lifestyle. People are seeking options that are safer and easier on the body and are generally more careful about exactly what they put into their bodies,” says Larry Pederson, founder of RenewAlliance, a nutricosmetics company.

Following a nutritious diet of superfoods, healthy fats, and antioxidants can give your skin a makeover as much as any topical treatment.

Additionally, there are many supplements you can take to improve skin health such as fish oils, multi-vitamins, and probiotics. Collagen powder, for example, is a trendy beauty supplement that claims to increase skin’s elasticity and re-feed skin the collagen it has lost.

However, taking supplements cannot reverse severe turkey neck cases, for more drastic results, you might want to look at surgery options.


Seek Cosmetic Treatments from Professionals  

The cost of any beauty pursuit can never be too great. Turkey neck is quite a stubborn and serious case of skin aging, therefore many non-invasive treatments will take a long time to see any result.

If you want an overnight skin miracle, the answer is surgery. There are some less-invasive treatments available for getting rid of stubborn wrinkles such as laser, fillers, and other injectables.

These options are costly, might come with some non-life-threatening side effects, and require frequent treatments. If you want a more permanent and drastic result, consider a neck contouring surgery. Neck contouring surgery creates a firmer, smoother, and more defined neck silhouette by getting rid of neck wrinkles and saggy skin.

Such a surgery could vary from liposuction to a neck lift based on your own goal. 


Neck lifting chin area jawline plastic surgery


Final Thoughts

Even if you have made up your mind on a needle and knife surgery to improve your turkey neck condition, the non-invasive treatments we recommended above still apply, especially as an efficient turkey neck preventive plan.

While surgical options deliver fast and satisfying results, aging is a constant progression, and no amount of fillers or surgeries can stop the hands of time. A neck lift only lasts so long and you will soon need to trim off more saggy skin again.

If you stick to a non-invasive preventive and treatment plan, you can prevent a turkey neck from the very beginning and minimize the appearance of turkey neck in the long run.


For a turkey neck, or neck wrinkle starter pack, we recommend an anti-aging skincare routine combined with frequent application of Oia anti-wrinkle pads, exercise your face and neck daily and adopt a healthy, balanced diet.

If you have better suggestions, please do share with us and other Oia community members on social media. Sharing is caring, especially in the skincare community. We all live by each other’s wisdom on our anti-aging journey to youthful skin. 


Stay radiant,

Oia Skin Team