Aging Is a Fact of Life. Looking Your Age Is Not.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, it performs many important functions such as being a strong barrier that protects your body from outside harms, regulating your body temperature, storing water and fats, producing important hormones, and speeding up wound healing.

The well-being of your skin is therefore just as important as the rest of your body. Aging is a major concern in skin health. Aging skin often appears rough in texture, lack of elasticity, thinner, more transparent, and more fragile.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and start to notice dark spots, saggy skin, wrinkles, and fine lines, then you might want to take some measures to combat these signs of aging. If not, it is always great to take precautions to prevent premature aging.

Even though aging is an inevitable and natural progression in human life, there are a few other factors that cause skin aging that shouldn’t be neglected.


1) Your skin ages as you age

The skin contains two layers.

The epidermis is the barrier that protects you from harsh environmental elements while the dermis is a layer of collagen and proteins that make the skin strong and elastic.

After the age of 20, one percent less of collagen is produced in the dermis each year.

Over the years, the collagen and elastin found in our skin will thicken, stiffen, clump, and even break which results in wrinkles and aging lines. This aging process is called Intrinsic Aging.

It is a natural progression that happens to everyone once they reach a certain stage in life. You can still help your skin out and slow this process with a few little tricks like our Anti-Wrinkle Patches.


2) Your skin has been frequently exposed to ultraviolet light

Frequent exposure to ultraviolet light (UV radiation) from the sun is actually the major account for skin aging, also known as Photoaging.

Sun exposure is also responsible for skin damages such as sunburn and even skin cancer. Scientific studies have shown that repeated sun exposure breaks down collagen and elastin fibers and impairs the synthesis of new collagen.

The broken elastin fibers, in turn, cause deep wrinkles, saggy skin, and the loss of ability to stretch.

Photoaging happens over the years and nothing can completely undo sun damages, but you can start protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure by wearing sunscreen every day and cover-ups when possible.

If you start to notice some saggy skin around your jawline, try giving our Derma Face Lifting Mask a go!


3) You might have some bad lifestyle habits

Smoking, drinking, unbalanced diet and obesity could all impact negatively on the state of your skin.

Smoking and drinking bring an overload of toxins into your body and deplete your body from healthy nutrients and necessary hydration that your skin absolutely needs.

A smoker’s skin is constantly dehydrated and usually develops wrinkles around the mouth. A drinker tends to have weaker muscle strength thus loose skin and sometimes skin discoloration. Changes in diet and BMI fluctuate your skin health too.

Skin needs nutrients to function in its optimal state. Refined sugar, white flour, excessive dairy could lead to inflammation and cause skin disorder.

Over-eating or overweight can result in poor muscle tone thus worsening the cycle of aging. Under-eating or underweight can deprive your skin of the necessary fuel to produce collagen and elastin.

To achieve youthful-looking, healthy skin, it is for the best to reevaluate your current lifestyle choices and make necessary cuts.

Injectables are temporary but big lifestyle changes are here to stay. To give your skin some much-needed nutrients, try out our Rejuvenating and Restoring Hydrogel Eye Patches.


4) You make too many facial expressions (unfortunately)

Wrinkles and fine lines can form easily especially when you reached a certain age, unfortunately. Repeated facial expressions such as squinting or smiling often lead to wrinkles and final lines. As we age, skin loses its flexibility and is unable to spring back in place fast, hence leaving some permanent marks on your face.

Besides expressions, some times sleeping in the wrong position could also give you lines on the face or the décolletage area. The only solution to this issue is to take care of your skin properly - always keep your skin hydrated, use skincare products with anti-aging and barrier-building properties, and eat healthy for better skin. 


5) You suffer from anxiety and stress

As we have stated before, your skin is a vital organ that has a close relationship with the rest of your body. Mental health affects your overall health greatly.

If you live a chronic stressful life or suffer from mental disorders, your skin will definitely take a toll.

Stress and worry can lead to facial wrinkles and deteriorating health.

Scientific evidence suggests that psychological stress over-stimulates several nervous systems and the prolonged activation of these nerves can result in a series of dysfunctions that contribute to skin aging.

Having a positive mindset isn’t the easiest thing to do, but little initiatives such as mediations, yoga sessions, massages or just taking a step back to breathe often help to a certain degree.

Enjoy the little things in life and try to look at the world differently with a smile.


There is no overnight miracle to skin aging and injectables aren’t always the solution. Know the causes first, then apply them to your own skin conditions. You can make lifestyle changes, start a new skincare routine, try some new products, and most importantly, stay positive.

After years of research and experiments, Oia has adopted a holistic approach to skincare with a combination of nature, science, and years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

We are a team of skincare enthusiasts and experts dedicated to providing you an effective solution to achieve healthy, youthful skin. We encourage you to bring us along your journey to rejuvenate your skin, and we will also share our knowledge and stories along the way.


Stay radiant, 

Oia Skin Team



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