6 Reasons You Need To Add Oia Skincare To Your Routine

There are many skincare solutions for aging...

As our body gets older, many of its processes slow down. Our skin is no exception. As our skin gets older, it experiences a gradual decrease in elastin and collagen, proteins responsible for giving our skin its structure. Reduction in elastin and collagen means our skin will become less firm and elastic. Such loss in firmness and elasticity takes the form of creases and fine lines in the skin and becomes the cause of much anxiety and insecurity in both women and men.

There are many skincare solutions out there that specifically target such aging-related skin worries. Oia's goal is to provide a solution to skin's aging by taking advantage of our body's natural healing responses. We at Oia believe the best skin care solutions work by 


Stop The Hands of Time With Oia

The most natural and eco-friendly ingredients will mean for little if the product is not effective. Oia silicone patches are an effective skincare solution for expression wrinkles, elastotic wrinkles, compression creases, atrophic lines, gravitational folds and any other type of wrinkles.

Oia patches work by creating an occlusive layer on top of the skin. If you have ever scrubbed your skin, you might have noticed that it helps reveal a smooth, brand new skin. The outermost layer of skin is made up of dead cells that protects the more delicate, alive tissue underneath. Imagine applying Oia patches as adding one more protective layer on top of your skin! The microclimate underneath the patch is the perfect environment for your skin to repair and regenerate. In the medical field, the same principle has been proven to be effective at removing scars.

Wearing the patches for at least an hour will show results, but we recommend wearing the patches overnight for best effects.

Even after the first session, you will find out why thousands of customers trust and continue to support us.

"I could see the results instantly when I got up in the morning. My skin was smoother than it's ever been! "

Vicki L.

"The neck and chest wrinkle patch was a God sent. It stopped deep creases in my chest and made them all but disappear. "

Eugene K.

"My skin is finally looking healthier, plumper and rejuvenated! And it only took a week!"

Linda W.

2 A Natural, Non-Invasive Solution

An Injection-Free, Side Effect-Free Solution

Injectables and plastic surgery - these quick fixes sure are easy, but do you think they come at zero cost? Think again. Make anti-aging safe and easy with our anti-aging patches that work whenever, wherever. These patches are the best way to get professional results without the hefty price tag.

Injecting foreign material into the skin increases the risk of complication exponentially. Oia patches achieve plumping and rejuvenating effects without the added complications of other types of more invasive therapies.

Oia products use only the safest and proven ingredients and Oia silicone patches are made of 100% medical grade silicone, making them safe to use, pain-free and side-effect free.

Comfortable and Hassle Free

Comfortable as If It Were Your Skin

Oia patches are an effortless and painless anti-aging solution that can be used without any worry. Each of our patches are made to fit perfectly on your skin. Oia patches create a microclimate on your skin to help with hydration and healing. They stay on like a second skin and you can go about your day while your skin transforms!

Use At Your Leisure, From The Comforts Of Your Own Home

Our customers say that the best part about Oia is that there are no barriers to usage. Oia products are hassle-free, pain-free, and use only the safest ingredients. Apply the patches and see the great results all while you relax from your bed at home. Smooth and solve wrinkle zones without the hassle of complicated procedure. Follow these easy steps for a flawless patch session:

  • Step 1: Cleanse & dry your skin before applying the patches. Make sure any other skin products are fully absorbed.
  • Step 2: Gently remove the film & apply the patch. Use the patch for at least a couple of hours to see the full benefits.
  • Step 3: After use, simply rinse with cold water and allow the patches to dry. Place the patches back on the sheet provided and reuse up to 15 times!

Satisfied Customers

Customers Cannot Say Enough Good Things About Oia Skin

Oia's top priority is customer satisfaction and the numbers reflect this fact:

  • 90% of consumers saw drastic results to their skin after one session
  • 9 out of 10 consumers saw their overall complexion improve
  • 95% of consumers said they would use Oia instead of cosmetic procedures
  • 80% of consumers said they would recommend to a friend

Don't take our word for it. These are some of the emails we received from our enthusiastic customers!:

"I think they are amazing and I recommend them to my friends."

"I am absolutely loving the results from them. I will 100% be buying them again and again!! Thank you so much for an amazing product."

"I have been using your anti-wrinkle patches for face lift for the first time. I’ve used them for 8 days now. [...] I really love them and saw results the first day I used them."

The Conscientious Choice


At Oia, we promote ethical and cruelty-free practices, and we do not test our products on animals. Oia silicone patches do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, making them vegan-friendly.


Silicone (with the "e" at the end) is made up of silicon element derived from sand and some hydrocarbons from crude oil, unlike plastics that are made 100% from oil. Oia silicone patches are also very durable, allowing up to 20 uses with proper care, after which, they can be recycled unlike many plastics. Even if silicone is incinerated, only harmless silicon element, carbon dioxide and water vapor is produced.

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, Oia skincare patches are the environmentally conscientious choice.

"I could see the results instantly when I got up in the morning. My skin was smoother than it's ever been! "

Vicki L.

"The neck and chest wrinkle patch was a God sent. It stopped deep creases in my chest and made them all but disappear. "

Eugene K.

"My skin is finally looking healthier, plumper and rejuvenated! And it only took a week!"

Linda W.

The Solution For Everyone

An Anti-Aging Solution For Anyone

Oia patches are so safe that women of all shapes, sizes, skin types, ages (you get the point) can rest assured when using our product. You are never too old or young to reap the benefits of our silicone patches and our products are sold all over the world and loved by customers from over 30 countries!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our product. If you would like to take a look at our collection, click the link below and you will see the many products we offer!


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