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  • Oia can help tackle all wrinkle worries!

    Now you can safely smooth out wrinkles and look forward to the most pampered part of your day, thanks to these luxurious anti-wrinkle patches

    Easy Use:The patches can be used overnight or for the desired amount of time. They can be used on various body parts.

    Designed & manufactured to fit most adult women's facial dimensions.

  • Step 1: Clean & dry skin before applying the patches. Make sure any other skin products are fully absorbed otherwise the patches may not stick properly!

    Step 2: Gently remove the film & place the patch where you wish. Wear the patch while you sleep or for a few hours to get a quick boost. For long lasting results, incorporate the patches into your everyday routine.

    Step 3: After use, rinse with cold water and allow the patches to dry - sticky side up. Place patches back on the sheet provided. They can be reused up to 15 times if cared for properly!

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone - plumps skin by drawing moisture to the skins surface and naturally plumping and smoothing your skin texture. Silicone has been used in the medical industry for years to help heal skin and improve texture.


These doctor-recommended patches intensify hydration and support skin’s ability to retain moisture, quickly minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with pure hydration from 100% medical grade silicone, overnight it encourage collagen production and you are going to wake up looking fabulous. These outstanding patches have a delivery system like you’ve never seen. Give your skin that radiant complexion today!


Clinically Proven Results

85% said they would use the product over getting a medical procedure like injectables, laser, or filler (*)

89% of users said their skin felt rejuvenated after continuous use, and 93% felt their skin was more hydrated.

After 8 weeks 100% of users said that their overall appearance improved.

*Results combined from 2 Clinical studies (Bioscreen 2017, CRL 2016)


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