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April 5th, 2020

The Miracle Rejuvenating Eye Patches That Everyone is Talking About

Oia Skin’s Rejuvenating Day Eye Gel Patch has recently caused quite a fizz among the beauty community. These luxurious gold-infused hydrogel eye patches bring noticeable results in just a few moments. 100% of users reported major differences after a few weeks with significantly reduced dark circles, minimized puffiness and decreased fine lines.

"One thing I am loving about these is that they are almost translucent. Like, I feel like could go drive around, get some stuff done, have these on and I don't even know if people would notice. Staying in place, super hydrating."

- Ashley (@igmomtribe) -


"All I do is peel the patches off to reveal a more youthful, hydrated under-eye. See how fresh and hydrated my under-eyes are? You get immediate results. Doesn't leave anything messy. I don't need any under-eye concealer after using the eye patches because the dark circles are reduced. Fine lines and wrinkles are also reduced. And there is no more puffiness.[...]"

- Ginny (@ginnycharlestonmakeupartist) -


"But the lines in my eyes are looking so much smoother. No swelling. No inflammation. It even looked. It even looks like there is less discoloration and more brightness under my eyes. And that's after just one use. This is amazing."

- Kristi (@TheLifeOfKristina) -


"Wow, these worked amazing, my eyes eyes feel great, and they just make me look more awake. I look like I have more energy an I wasn't up all night. I am blown away by these eye patches. They have impressed me 100% [...] My dark circles are gone. My eyes don't feel irritated at all. In fact they feel, like, conditioned. I feel like I just conditioned under my eyes."

- Madison (@igmomtribe) -

Oia’s Approach to Skincare & The Birth of Hydrogel Eye Patches

Skin is the largest organ in human body, it needs as much care as the rest of the vital organs. “Natural skin care products improved skin tone, texture, and appearance by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin,” says Dr Kumar of Chartwell Pharmaceuticals NY.

“Cosmetics alone are not sufficient to take care of skin conditions; it requires association of active natural ingredients to repair the damage and to inhibit the ageing of the skin.”

Vikas Kumar, PhD.  

The creation of a perfect ratio between the natural plant derived ingredients and bio actives will provide great product absorption, proper moisture balance, effective and improved cellular metabolism including hormonal and chemical skin reactions, efficient hydration, proper exfoliation, effective circulation and cellular nutritional support, enhanced lymphatic functions and detoxification of the skin (Kumar, 2016).

Based on various researches and experiments, Oia came to the conclusion that the approach to any effective skincare must be holistic. With a primary focus on technology, comprehensive knowledge in specialized treatments as well as experiences in aesthetic medicine, the team of experts at Oia have found the perfect recipe balancing natural and science, and the results are a range of products that make significant impact for skin concerns and prevention.

Human skin tends to lose elasticity and the ability to retain hydration with ageing, thus leaving deep wrinkles on the surface. These gold-infused hydrogel patches provide the perfect microclimate of oxygen and moisture to help smooth the wrinkled surface and deeply penetrate into the skin to restore the disorder underneath. The addition of gold doesn’t just contribute to the aesthetics of these eye patches but also brings extra antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to the skin. The patches also contain skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, brightening and tightening agent niacinamide, hydrating glycerin, and nutrient-dense red algae (Chondrus Crispus) to help refresh, repair & nourish the delicate skin around eyes.

The Ultimate Hydrator for Dry & Dull Skin - Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a type of humectant - a moisture retaining substance that is capable of binding water to the skin, occurs naturally in the skin, eyes and joints in the human body. However, HA, along with collagen and elastin, decrease significantly over the years due to ageing and sun exposure. Applying HA to skin topically can increase skin’s hydration level due to its strong water-binding ability, hence creating a radiant, supple skin appearance.

The Barrier Repairer for Wrinkles & Uneven Skin Tone - Niacinamide

"It is one of my all time favourite ingredients, it is a brightening agent, and it also calms down redness and irritations in the skin."

Hyram, YouTuber

The name on every skincare guru’s lips right now is Niacinamide, the one ingredient that everyone should incorporate into their skincare routine.“Everyone can benefit from Niacinamide, I use it in my routine all the time,” claims Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup. “Acne, irritations, or just ageing issues, Niacinamide is great for strengthening and calming your skin.” Skincare YouTuber Hyram has also mentioned it as his favourite ingredient numerous time, “It is one of my all time favourite ingredients, it is a brightening agent, and it also calms down redness and irritations in the skin.” Also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinamide, Niacinamide has been clinically proven to posses an impressive list of skin-benefiting properties, tackling some of the biggest skin concerns, such as improving uneven skin tone, softening fine lines and wrinkles, and producing keratin and lipids which in turn strength the skin barrier. The Oia hydrogel patch uses Niacinamide as a key ingredient to help combat stubborn fine lines and reduce hyperpigmentation (dark circles) around the eyes.

Nature’s Purifier for Blemishes & Hollowness - Red Algae

Red algae, or Chondrus Crispus are simple organisms from the marine world. Rich in antioxidants and excelled in water-binding ability, red seaweed is the gel body of the Oia rejuvenating day gel patch. The amino acids found in red algae extract is an active anti-ageing ingredient which helps produce collagen, increase skin brightness and improve overall skin hydration. In addition, red algae also contains plenty of proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B1, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and calcium. This nutrient powerhouse nourishes the skin deeply and boosts the skin metabolism in the best natural way.

Clinically Proven Results

*Results combined from 2 Clinical studies (Bioscreen 2017, CRL 2016)

What People are Saying

Oia’s Rejuvenating Day Gel Patch has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from the public. Many have claimed that their skin felt more refreshed and hydrated, their dark circles have reduced in size, and the patches gave them an overall radiant glow.

Roselle T.

I've tried a lot of different eye patches (I wear them every morning while getting ready for work) but I love these from Oia! The smell is light and pleasant, the patches are thick and stay in place. They perform well as for depuffing and brightening effect. I really enjoy these.

Vanessa H.

These have made their way into my daily routine. They leave my eyes looking bright, hydrated and give them a youthful glow. They're also safe for sensitive skin, I haven't had any breakouts or clogged pores. They stay up really well too without getting dry too quickly. Love them and their other products!

Mana H.

These are amazing! The darkness under my eyes has significantly decreased and the hollowness accompanied by my under eye circles is gone! These are fantastic; such a great product to combat the effects of my chronic insomnia. Literally helping me save face!

Cheyanne P.

Great product, it does make the skin softer and more radiant. I can relax or do other things while having the patches on my face and once I take them off I feel so refreshed! My friends tried them too and she has now ordered them as well. They are amazing!!

15-Minute “Spa at Home” for Radiant, Glowing Eyes

The Oia hydrogel patches helps slow down ageing and eye stress in just 15 minutes. They are easy to use, suitable for sensitive skin and stay on comfortably. Many users describe the experience “a relaxing spa session at home”. Unwind and pamper yourself twice a week with these luxurious gold patches and expect to see great results after a period of use. We invite you to be part of the ultimate Oia experience join our ever-growing community. Allow us to share our skincare knowledge and may your journey to better skin become part of our growth.

But, hey, don't take our word for it, our very own staff writer Jenny Lee took it out for a test spin.

I’m not a big ‘skincare’ person, especially when it comes to under my eyes. I am genetically predisposed to naturally darker under-eye circles. So, I was hesitant, especially since the majority of reviews I have read for under-eye patches contain the same complaints; too thin, rip easily and slip off once youfinallyget them on. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that they were rather firm and stuck onto my face rather well. So well, in fact, I could go about my day!


Week 1

“Woah, I noticed instant results as soon as I took off the patches. These fit like a dream, and my wrinkles have smoothed out considerably after one use! It also brightened up my darkened under-eye area. I cannot wait to see what happens next!”


Week 2

“Pro-tip! Pop these in the freezer thirty minutes before use for a much cooler effect. The chilled patches, combined with the already rich formula will help ease the skin! I completely didn’t notice that my this product also contained viamid B-3, which is what is helping get rid of my puffiness and redness from my allergies. I have also noticed my skin is getting much more supple and more of a consistent smooth look!”


Week 3

“My under-eye bags have never looked this light before, these patches are also auto-tone correcting my skin, I was not expecting that. I have been getting compliments left and right about what my secret is. The boost I get from seeing my fresh faced glowing skin truly is making the world of difference.


Week 4

“I am far more relaxed now than I have been for a while. It’s nice to know I can do the laundry, talk on the phone or watch TV and have my skin being taken care of by the patches. I have noticed a considerable chase in myself both inside and out and I have Oia to thank for that! ”

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These luxury hydrogel eye patches increase hydration and support skin’s ability to retain moisture, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. See results in just a few moments by leaving them on whilst you relax.


1 Tub comes with 60 pieces

Written by Anisha M.