8 Reasons Why OIA Is The New Anti-Aging Skin Solution

See why thousands of consumers are trying out Oia's anti-wrinkle patches. A completely non-invasive skin solution, Oia patches are making countless people quit cosmetic procedures all together. Here's why 95% of people choose Oia over anything else:


Our Fans Are 95% Satisfied With The Results

A satisfaction rate that we are proud to show off! Many of our users expressed that the best part about Oia is that there are no barriers to usage. Because we are hassle-free, pain-free, and use only the safest ingredients, you'll find from even the first session why thousands trust and continue to support us.

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An Injection-Free Solution at the comforts of home

Injectables and plastic surgery - these quick fixes sure are easy, but do you think they come at zero cost? Think again. Make anti-aging safe and easy with our anti-aging patches that work whenever, wherever. These patches are the best way to get professional results without the hefty price, all while you relax from your bed at home.


Stop The Hands of Time With Oia

If you're worried about a specific type of wrinkle - don't fret! Our patches reverse and inhibit damage from 5 different types of wrinkles:

1. Expression Wrinkles

2. Elastotic Wrinkles

3. Compression Creases

4. Atrophic Lines

5. Gravitational Folds

Apply the patches for at least one hour to see the magic work! Our patches will smooth out your wrinkles and lines while preventing new ones from forming.


Comfortable as If It Were Your Skin

Each of our patches are made to fit perfectly on your skin to smooth out any wrinkle or fine line. Oia patches create a microclimate on your skin to help with hydration and healing. Durable and made to stick, these patches are ideal for any time of the day, whether you're resting or moving about.


See What the Numbers Say About Why Oia Patches Are the New, Go-To Skincare Solution

90% of consumers saw drastic results to their skin after one session9 out of 10 consumers saw their overall complexion improve95% of consumers said they would use Oia instead of cosmetic procedures80% of consumers said they would recommend to a friend

"I could see the results instantly when I got up in the morning. My skin was smoother than it's ever been! "

Vicki L.

"The neck and chest wrinkle patch was a God sent. It stopped deep creases in my chest and made them all but disappear. "

Eugene K.

"My skin is finally looking healthier, plumper and rejuvenated! And it only took a week!"

Linda W.


A Trouble-Free Addition To Any Skin Care Routine

Oia patches are an effortless and painless anti-aging solution that can be used without any worry. Smooth and solve wrinkle zones without the hassle of complicated procedure. Follow these easy steps for a flawless patch session:

Step 1: Cleanse & dry your skin before applying the patches. Make sure any other skin products are fully absorbed.

Step 2: Gently remove the film & place the patch where you wish. Use the patch for at least a couple of hours to see the full benefits.

Step 3: After use, simply rinse with cold water and allow the patches to dry. Place the patches back on the sheet provided and reuse up to 15 times!


An Anti-Aging Solution Available For Anyone

Oia patches are so safe that women of all shapes, sizes, skin types, ages (you get the point) can rest assured when using our product. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Oia patches are completely non-invasive, so don't hesitate to try them ASAP!

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