Hey there, we're Oia Skin.

We are a young, innovative, and diverse company - and most importantly.. we listen.

After years of investigation and research for solutions to break the aging-skin code, we decided to officially start our journey in mid 2020. 

Despite being challenged by one of the biggest disruptions in recent history (the covid-19 pandemic)- we were determined to provide a product that would make men and women alike look radiant on the outside, and feel great on the inside. We really felt that if there was a time like any to make people feel good and confident-the time is now

Our small, but hard-working team are 100% customer focused- we place all of our customers at the heart of all of our actions and innovations. In-fact in January 2021, we launched a new and improved formula of our popular anti-wrinkle patches based on our customers' feedback and 1-on-1 discussions-just within a year of being on the market!


We consider our customers as part of the Oia family and an extension of our small team, all of our customers input is greatly appreciated and valued.

Whilst being a very new & young company, we strive to provide exceptional quality and transparency to all of our customers.

We believe in creating the future of skin solutions that encourages the individual to embrace their own authentic-selves and their own beauty. 

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